Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sick again and Oklahoma trip

We are just getting over being sick AGAIN. I really thought with getting sick in September we would not get sick this winter. No such luck. UGH.
Josiah, Fred and Freddy did not get it. Fred got what we are now thinking is gout. We had thought it was tendonitis for a few days. Poor thing has been having kidney stone problems again too. He is a mess, lol.

Went to Oklahoma the first weekend in November so that Freddy could meet Miranda and we could meet her parents as well. It was a great visit and Abigail and I had a blast.  Miranda's parents did most of the chaperoning and Abby and I went shopping and lounged in the motel room. Fred kept the 3 younger kids. We had so much fun!!! Good church and good visit.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Youth night

Last night was Youth night and the older 3 went ice skating, first time this season! They were thrilled. Abby is the only one without her own skates, hopefully soon she can buy some. Looks like Friday night she will spend the night with Alyssa and go shopping Saturday. She is thrilled, they have been wanting to do this for a while.

I am slowly but surely getting stuff done around here. Decluttering and cleaning stuff out. I sold the basketball hoop this week for $20 more than what I paid for it, and gave away the railroad ties from the back yard. LOVE the feeling of getting rid of unwanted and unneeded stuff. I do not like clutter and like the house to look nice and spacious.

Thursday, September 20, 2012


We have been sick the last couple weeks. Katie started it by getting sick on a Thursday night (6th). She had a flu-like virus, maybe it was the flu. I don't know. My mom came that Sunday night (9th) and Katie was still sick. Wednesday (12th) I brought her to Urgent Care because she was lethargic and I thought she was dehydrated. It wasn't too bad though and instead of giving her an IV, they gave  her Zofran and Gatorade. We were there several hours, but after that she was much better. Miah on the other hand had already starting getting sick. The diarrhea got so bad, she wouldn't wear underwear. :( Poor baby, it was miserable. Then I got sick and Fred.We were sick just over a week and now we are on to the head, chest, nose cold. I thought the older kids had escaped, but Abby isn't feeling good now.  We have missed several weeks of church  now and it is still summer. Here are some pics, not real recent but cute :) Enjoy!!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hurricane Isaac

It's finally raining!! Yesterday all day and a little today. It rained A LOT. Hopefully it greens things up. It has been so dry this summer. Mom is coming to visit in a week or so. Patty is coming for Thanksgiving.  My mom will come on the train September 9th. The kids are really excited to see her! I think we will go to Monkey Bizness while she is here.

Fred brought Miah to test drive cars and look at the Porsche dealership today. They also went for ice cream at Culvers. It was part of his b-day present. I want to start doing special  stuff with the kids instead of just presents. That's the part they will remember. I think they had a good time together. Everyone else was home today. Freddy took the day off to watch the Michigan football game.  Josiah and I made laundry soap and cleaned up. Then Abby and I made taquitos and black beans for dinner. All in all a good day.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Beautiful weather

Well, the last couple days have been totally different than the first part of summer. High of 72 last couple of days. Over one hundred most of July. Hottest month on record. Ugh. It was miserable, but now it feels strange. We have been outside almost every night this summer, too hot during the day.  Freddy, Abby and Josiah are at Youth night tonight. They are going to Worlds of Fun!! They got passes and have been going every week for the last 6 weeks.  Jeremiah, Katie and I are outside, they are riding bikes, I am on the laptop.

Abby lost her Nook Color last night. Apparently she sat it on the back of the Prius and when I took Freddy to work it must have flown off. We drove around last night and today looking for it, we also walked around looking for it. We have not found it. She is heart broken and cried the entire time we were looking. On a good note, she started being a mothers helper this week for a family in our home school group. They just had baby number 6. Abigail is doing great and the mother said she has gotten so much done the last couple days with Abigail there. She works 4 days a week, 4  hours per day.  I was worried it might be too much, but it's going well so far. She gets up every morning eats and does her school work and she gets picked up at 9:30 and I go to pick her up at 1:30.

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Haven't posted anything for a while, tend to want to keep things private. But, I enjoy reading things that I had completely forgotten. That happens too often, lol. I will update you on our family--a lot has happened recently.  We bought a house in Lenexa about 1 year ago. Freddy got his first real job last week. He now is a proud employee of Chick Fil A. He has mowed yards for about 3 years and is actually still mowing for a friend from our homeschool group.

Abigail is now taller than me. I think all of these kids will end up taller than me!! She babysits for several families in our homeschool group and recently bought a Nook Color with her saved earnings. Normally she buys clothes and high heels, so this was a change. She is SO GOOD at saving her money.

Josiah is one of the most popular boys in our homeschool group, he has TONS of friends and is always leading the boys on some adventure. He has become very social and plays with all the neighborhood kids. In fact, we had bible study at our house Friday night and he had invited some kids from the neighborhood to come and 3 of them did!!
Jeremiah still doesn't read very much and has NO interest. Have learned this is not uncommon, which makes me feel a bit better. He is fabulous in math likes to fix things. My chain came off my bike and I was going to ask Fred to fix it, but when I was out getting groceries Miah fixed it. He was so proud, and I was amazed!!

Kaitlynn is her normal sassy self. Here is a child that is wanting to read and learning quickly.  She loves listening to her books on CD at night. Ramona is her favorite right now.

Friday, July 20, 2012

New name

The blog got a new name and hopefully will see a little more action.

It is so hot here right now. I feel trapped and almost claustrophobic. I NEED to go outside. My kids NEED to go outside. I hate being inside so much.  But, it is in the 100's here. I can handle one or two days of this at a time, but this has been going on for WEEKS. It is terrible, when we bought this house a year ago it was half dirt and half grass in the backyard. We planted grass in the spring, and this heat is not good for the yard. Did I mention we haven't had any rain either? A few sprinkles here and there. Not enough to do any good, so we have been watering the grass a TON. Today I hit bottom with being inside and emailed my husband my complaints. I knew there was nothing he could do, but it made me feel better and when he came home he gave me a big hug and I felt so much better. I think it was just the end of a really rough/busy week for us. Our small church did the funeral luncheon for our Pastor's mother. Brother Nix's parents are missionaries to Peru and flew in to visit for a few days before taking a trip to Israel in May. They never got to go on that trip because his mother got so sick before they left and was hospitalized. She passed away this past Sunday night and the funeral was Thursday. Such a sad time for everyone.  She was such a sweet woman, and I know her husband will be lost without her.