Friday, October 31, 2008


Whew! I have a new respect for working moms. I am so exhausted!! It's been 1 1/2 weeks since I started at Wal-Mart and my word have I been tired. Then to top things off, my husband got laid off :( It's nice because I'm able to see him during the day instead of me working at night, him during the day and us never seeing each other. But, financially it's going to be tough. Thankfully he will get unemployment. In all his company laid off 8 people, one guy had been there 7 years. My husband has a job interview here and one in Michigan, where we grew up and lived all of our lives. So, we have a huge decision to make......and soon. I guess a lot of it rests on if he even gets an offer from either of them.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I no sooner wrote the last post when I got a call from Wal-Mart. I had put applications in at every place in my town that I would work at. I have not worked in 14 years and really didn't figure anyone would hire me, lol. Now those of you who know me are probably shocked, I am probably one of the last people you would think of to go back to work! Believe me it was NOT what I wanted to do! My husband in the past has taken 2nd jobs at night, so I would not have to. But since we have moved here, to Kansas.....well lets just say it's a little more expensive here than we thought and without my husband getting his overtime we just couldn't make it. I mean when you have $50 left for gas and groceries for a week and you have 5 children, you know you're in trouble!!So, we talked about it and I decided that this time was my turn and I would work after my husband gets home from work. That way we still home school, I have all day with my babies and no daycare or babysitters.(which is VERY important to us) Now, this is only temporary, my husband has had several interviews and is activally looking for a better paying job. He is one credit short of a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering so, he should get paid better than he does. It's just this economy is making things difficult :)
SO, anyway, I got a call from Wal-Mart within a couple days of putting in my application and was called in for a interview and offered a cashier job (seems their desperate for cashiers here)I was beyond shocked. So, now I am a working woman for the first time since I've had children 14 years ago. The kids are doing great with it so far, granted it's only part time and in the evening/night. I think we are all going to learn a lot from this. My husband and I to appreciate each other more, the kids and I to spend the time we have together better, no arguing and bickering. It still seems to be a VERY strange thing so far. Wish me luck learning all the cashier stuff! I have never ran a cash register, lol. This more than I bargained for :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

*~Happy Birthday~*

It was Bubbas birthday yesterday. He is now 8 years old. How fast the time flies!! We had a family b-day party for him this year. Last year he had 2 parties, one family (my in-laws were visiting) and one with his friends! So this year we just did a family party :) He was happy, and we were happy. He's a very easy to please child and for that I am thankful. I also brought him to McDonalds (his choice) for a Happy meal and to Wal-Mart where he picked out a small gift. It was nice to go out just him and I. We had a great time and lots of laughs! I do so enjoy spending time with my children. You would think after home schooling them and being together all the time, I would want to get away more than I do. I guess I often remind myself these days will be over too soon and I will be alone and to enjoy them now. Not that they don't drive me crazy some days, because believe me, they do :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rainy days

Been raining for 2 days here and while I love the rain, with 5 kids inside all the can get crazy. To top it off I got some stomach virus Sunday night. So, I was throwing up all night and all Monday morning. yuck! It doesn't surprise me though Kaitlynn and Josiah both have had it. The older kids watched the younger ones and they had a day off of school. They mainly played the computers and helped me out. Abigail was my nursemaid and Freddy the babysitter. I was quite impressed by how well they coped and behaved without me right there. The house was a bit messy by afternoon when I finally stopped getting sick.
It seems like we've had a lot of bad news lately. My husband interviewed for a job and heard this weekend he didn't get it. Then my Mother-in-law called today and told me their fall trip to visit us is cancelled. We are so heartbroken. They full time RV and since they have been traveling they have always visited in the fall and in the spring. This will be the first time they haven't. My kids are so upset and I really don't blame them. They haven't seen my parents in almost 2 years! This economy really stinks. Seems like money troubles are hitting everyone.
I really don't mean to sound so negative. I know the Lord has it all in his hands, it's just so hard to understand sometimes.