Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I no sooner wrote the last post when I got a call from Wal-Mart. I had put applications in at every place in my town that I would work at. I have not worked in 14 years and really didn't figure anyone would hire me, lol. Now those of you who know me are probably shocked, I am probably one of the last people you would think of to go back to work! Believe me it was NOT what I wanted to do! My husband in the past has taken 2nd jobs at night, so I would not have to. But since we have moved here, to Kansas.....well lets just say it's a little more expensive here than we thought and without my husband getting his overtime we just couldn't make it. I mean when you have $50 left for gas and groceries for a week and you have 5 children, you know you're in trouble!!So, we talked about it and I decided that this time was my turn and I would work after my husband gets home from work. That way we still home school, I have all day with my babies and no daycare or babysitters.(which is VERY important to us) Now, this is only temporary, my husband has had several interviews and is activally looking for a better paying job. He is one credit short of a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering so, he should get paid better than he does. It's just this economy is making things difficult :)
SO, anyway, I got a call from Wal-Mart within a couple days of putting in my application and was called in for a interview and offered a cashier job (seems their desperate for cashiers here)I was beyond shocked. So, now I am a working woman for the first time since I've had children 14 years ago. The kids are doing great with it so far, granted it's only part time and in the evening/night. I think we are all going to learn a lot from this. My husband and I to appreciate each other more, the kids and I to spend the time we have together better, no arguing and bickering. It still seems to be a VERY strange thing so far. Wish me luck learning all the cashier stuff! I have never ran a cash register, lol. This more than I bargained for :)


MyKidsMom said...

Congratulations on being wanted, lol:) I have to admit that I have often wondered if anyone will want to hire me (well, other than McDonalds or Taco Bell) when it's my time to go back to the outside workplace. And we have definitely considered that option in the last year. So far, my husband has been able to get overtime to where we would lose money if I did, but it's definitely a possiblility in the future.

And I admire the fact that you're working it out between yourselves so that the kids are able to be with either of you. Despite your positive attitude (which is great), I know it means so much more on both of your shoulders. Your children are so blessed to have parents that work so hard to give them the best they can. I hope it all works out well for your family.

PS.Do you get a good employee discount? Walmart even cheaper would be awesome:)

Missy said...

Yes, we get a 10 percent discount on everything that was in the original Wal-Mart. Not dairy, produce, meat ...the stuff they added to make them Super-Wal-Marts. Other perks too, I was really quite surprised :)

Thank you for all your kind comments, I always look forward to your posts and comments!

Jenn said...

We live in Kansas too , in one of the most expensive counties..lucky us! My husband works from 7:30-7or 8 every day and has a work cell 24/7 and it rings that too plus he works sats for a few hours and suns. He is going to college two nights a week so those nights he doesn't get home until 10, I can't wait for him to get his degree so he can get a better paying job, but it will be else where since nobody in this town pays anything and really there is nowhere else to find a better job here anyways.
We pay our bills ,but we never have any left.

bigSIS said...

Good luck on the job, Missy. Even though I've been working at BHK on an on-call basis, I have been thinking about getting another job. But, I guess I'm just really picky about where I'll work. Not to mention there isn't a whole lot here! I want to go back to school as well but they don't offer what I want up here...do I settle for something I think I'd be happy doing? I don't know.... Love you! I will be praying all goes well and Fred finds that elusive job all our husbands are looking for! =)

MyKidsMom said...

Just dropping by to say "Hello" and I hope the new job is going well. Take care~