Monday, May 6, 2013

Snow in May

We got snow the first 2 days in May. We've had a few nice days so far, but an odd spring. It will probably jump straight from cold to hot. It tends to do that. No easing into seasons here.

Freddy started his new job last week. Lenny's Sub Shop. He seems to like it, much slower than Chick Fil A. Abigail is still working for the Jones.

 I went to Chili's for dinner with Dana and Betty tonight. Had a good time, lots of talk about Walmart. Betty quit just before Christmas and I have been gone 1 year in January. Crazy. When I was there I thought it would never end.

Fred is working at home now. It is going good. Just getting used to him being home all the time.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Snow storms

Well, we have really had some snow the last several weeks! It's melting now, but the first snow we had 12 inches and a week later another 10 or so. Crazy. Absolutely crazy for Kansas. People freaked out, lol. The shelves in the store were cleaned out. We survived very well and I personally thought it was tons of fun! The kids played outside every day and we shoveled LOTS. Abigail even shoveled the neighbors out. They are older and in bad health. Now that it is warming up though, I want to be outside and want the snow to quickly melt, LOL.  Andrea Jones called today wanting us to walk to the Library with her, but unfortunately we are all sick. Some nasty virus. Freddy didn't work at all this week and Abigail worked 1 day. Fred took a day and a half off. We missed bible study tonight.