Thursday, August 28, 2008

Summer fun!

Here is a glimpse into our summer days. It has been a fun summer and we have spent a lot of time outdoors. We are not back to school yet. We start our homeschool in September. Can't believe it's almost that time of year again! The children here went back to school August 12th.

Baking cookies

My oldest daughter and I spend a lot of time together in the kitchen.Whether it's cooking or baking, she always gravitates there if I am in there. She LOVES to cook and bake. Hopefully it will serve her well in life. The nice thing is she will also clean up :) Can't beat that!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

New Look!

I have been fiddling and messing around for several days to change the look of There's No Place Like Home. Don't ya just love the tornado picture?!? Makes ya thankful to live in tornado alley, lol. The threat of tornado's were the only reason my children didn't want to move here. Every time it storms someone gets worried. Not as bad now as it was in the spring..... but then again we haven't had many storms recently.

We have had a busy week here. Everyone has been sick, including my dear husband. Not sure what is wrong, we had the flu 2 weeks ago and now a sinus, throat, chest cold. In August?!?!?! I just hate being sick when it is so nice out. Does not seem right :( We were supposed to go to a Youth for Truth rally in Bonner Springs today, we went last night and the kids had a blast! But when we woke up this morning everyone was under the weather, except Freddy. So he went with a friend. He was gone the WHOLE day. On the way home the family he was with stopped to clean our church, so he was part of the cleaning crew also. He was tired but happy when he returned. We on the other hand missed him a great deal. You would think being I have 5 children, 1 being gone wouldn't be a huge deal. But I feel like something isn't right, something is missing when any of them are gone. The rest of the family had a quiet day. We just lounged around, read and played games together.

Monday, August 18, 2008

The $1 bike

Here are he pics of Miah's bike I promised you! The $1 bike we bought from our neighbor's garage sale. He absolutely LOVES it and rides it EVERYDAY! Normally he has his helmet on, but I had him posing, lol. Can't beat the price :)

Monday, August 11, 2008


Been a bit cooler here lately, which is wonderful. We have been busy with summertime activities. The county fair was in town last week. My kids thought this was especially cool because it was only 2 blocks from our street. We could walk out the front door and see it. So needless to say we walked over nearly everyday to look at the animals and watch the horse shows. VERY fun. We did not ride rides or even eat any food there though. Believe that one or not. Will post more shortly my honey just walked through the door and wants on his computer :) I do my blog on my husbands computer (we each have one) because we keep all he pictures on his computer. I only have a very few on mine. Anyway, the kids are enjoying the outdoors and have went out daily before breakfast to ride their bikes. I then feed them breakfast outside. We also have been riding to the library at least 2 times a week.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Little Dexter

Miah, also known as Little Dexter, Bully, Bull Frog, My guy. A sweet little cuddly guy, whose about to turn 4. Hard to believe. He loves cars, motorcycles, kittens, riding his bike, cowboy boots and talking. Man, I'm telling you that kid can talk. ALL THE TIME!! The only time he is quiet is when he is asleep.

Jeremiah got a big boy bike today from the neighbors yard sale. He is so excited over it. The only thing it needs is training wheels. We are looking for Josiah's old ones in the garage. His little bike broke about 1 month ago, it was one of those plastic spiderman 3 wheeled bikes. We called them Hot wheels when we were little, I'm not sure what they are called now. Anyway, he had it for 2 years and was ready for a big boy bike. We will post pics soon of him riding his new bike.