Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday 5

I stole this from Sarah over at themommylogues and apparently she stole it as well, lol. Write 5 things you love about fall. Fall is my absolute favorite season!! A time for new beginnings, cooler temperatures, and back to school. So here goes!

My favorite fall things!
1. homemade applesauce
2. a trip to the orchard
3. trees turning beautiful colors
4. my boys playing football in the back yard
5. order and routine once again

What are your favorite fall things?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Bubba

Bub is my middle child. Middle of the family and middle of the boys. Hard place to be sometimes. He is 7, going to be 8 in October. He is a sweet child and was such a sweet baby. So very smart, which makes life difficult at times also. He gets bored and acts out. His favorite things right now are cowboys (we got him cowboy boots for his last b-day and he wears them ALL THE TIME), video games, spiderman, Webkinz and reading. Bub is just now getting his 2 front teeth in, he's really starting to look like a big kid. Here are some pics of him from when he was a baby until now. Such a handsome young man!!!

End of summer

Is it really the middle of September already? Almost the end of summer, or is summer already over? Is it technically fall yet? I don't know. I guess I ought to find out. I always considered the start of school the end of summer. The weather here is beautiful today, sunny and mid-70's. Can't beat that. The kids have done their school work and chores with minimal complaint and fighting today. They have been arguing a lot lately and we've really had to come down hard on them. In fact I have 1 child grounded indefinitely from the computer.

Here are some fall pics from years past! Hope you enjoy them!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

September 11

I didn't have time to post this yesterday.

A Very Cute Hairdo!

This is my eldest daughter. I tried this hairdo out on her yesterday. I got it from a blog called Meaningful Days. She gave step by step instructions and it took no time at all. Perfect when you have 5 children to get ready for church. I thought it was so cute and perfect for church. We had an evangelist last night and also tonight. How much you want to bet I'll be doing this hairdo again today :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The pony tail girl

I was brave/crazy enough to put Kate's hair in a ponytail again. She does not want me messing with her hair and does not sit/stand still for me. But I prevailed!! Got some cute pictures too. She looks so different with a ponytail. I really like it and wish she would cooperate so I could do it more often. Her bangs are starting to hang in her face, and normally I use a barrette to hold them back. She is growing like crazy and really starting to talk. Remington (Abigails kitten) LOVES her when she is asleep, but not so much when she is awake. He'll get up and want to lay with his nose in her hair, but it'll wake her up and then he'll run for his life, lol.

Our school year is in full swing and is going well. The weather has been chilly, more like fall. I think it was from Gustav. We had a bunch of rain and a cold front came through. The boys have been loving it. Every fall they play football like crazy. Fall is the favorite season for most of my family. I LOVE it!!! Finally we have routine and order again. Ahhhhhh

We are starting a home school co-op. We have so many in our church that home school now that the church school closed. We will have our first meeting shortly. Right now we are having a hard time finding a date that works. Everyone is so busy and the fellowship hall at the church is being used on several of our dates.