Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Bubba

Bub is my middle child. Middle of the family and middle of the boys. Hard place to be sometimes. He is 7, going to be 8 in October. He is a sweet child and was such a sweet baby. So very smart, which makes life difficult at times also. He gets bored and acts out. His favorite things right now are cowboys (we got him cowboy boots for his last b-day and he wears them ALL THE TIME), video games, spiderman, Webkinz and reading. Bub is just now getting his 2 front teeth in, he's really starting to look like a big kid. Here are some pics of him from when he was a baby until now. Such a handsome young man!!!

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MyKidsMom said...

What a cutie:) Looking at these pics he reminds me so much of my middle child (which may sound funny, but he does). And you're right, even with only three kids, it's hard to be the one in the middle.

And speaking of cowboy boots.. today when we arrived at one of our destinations, this same child of mine had coupled a pair of nylon sport pants with black fancy cowboy boots, lol. Needless to say, it looked just a little odd.