Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sick again and Oklahoma trip

We are just getting over being sick AGAIN. I really thought with getting sick in September we would not get sick this winter. No such luck. UGH.
Josiah, Fred and Freddy did not get it. Fred got what we are now thinking is gout. We had thought it was tendonitis for a few days. Poor thing has been having kidney stone problems again too. He is a mess, lol.

Went to Oklahoma the first weekend in November so that Freddy could meet Miranda and we could meet her parents as well. It was a great visit and Abigail and I had a blast.  Miranda's parents did most of the chaperoning and Abby and I went shopping and lounged in the motel room. Fred kept the 3 younger kids. We had so much fun!!! Good church and good visit.