Thursday, September 20, 2012


We have been sick the last couple weeks. Katie started it by getting sick on a Thursday night (6th). She had a flu-like virus, maybe it was the flu. I don't know. My mom came that Sunday night (9th) and Katie was still sick. Wednesday (12th) I brought her to Urgent Care because she was lethargic and I thought she was dehydrated. It wasn't too bad though and instead of giving her an IV, they gave  her Zofran and Gatorade. We were there several hours, but after that she was much better. Miah on the other hand had already starting getting sick. The diarrhea got so bad, she wouldn't wear underwear. :( Poor baby, it was miserable. Then I got sick and Fred.We were sick just over a week and now we are on to the head, chest, nose cold. I thought the older kids had escaped, but Abby isn't feeling good now.  We have missed several weeks of church  now and it is still summer. Here are some pics, not real recent but cute :) Enjoy!!

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