Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hurricane Isaac

It's finally raining!! Yesterday all day and a little today. It rained A LOT. Hopefully it greens things up. It has been so dry this summer. Mom is coming to visit in a week or so. Patty is coming for Thanksgiving.  My mom will come on the train September 9th. The kids are really excited to see her! I think we will go to Monkey Bizness while she is here.

Fred brought Miah to test drive cars and look at the Porsche dealership today. They also went for ice cream at Culvers. It was part of his b-day present. I want to start doing special  stuff with the kids instead of just presents. That's the part they will remember. I think they had a good time together. Everyone else was home today. Freddy took the day off to watch the Michigan football game.  Josiah and I made laundry soap and cleaned up. Then Abby and I made taquitos and black beans for dinner. All in all a good day.

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