Saturday, July 21, 2012


Haven't posted anything for a while, tend to want to keep things private. But, I enjoy reading things that I had completely forgotten. That happens too often, lol. I will update you on our family--a lot has happened recently.  We bought a house in Lenexa about 1 year ago. Freddy got his first real job last week. He now is a proud employee of Chick Fil A. He has mowed yards for about 3 years and is actually still mowing for a friend from our homeschool group.

Abigail is now taller than me. I think all of these kids will end up taller than me!! She babysits for several families in our homeschool group and recently bought a Nook Color with her saved earnings. Normally she buys clothes and high heels, so this was a change. She is SO GOOD at saving her money.

Josiah is one of the most popular boys in our homeschool group, he has TONS of friends and is always leading the boys on some adventure. He has become very social and plays with all the neighborhood kids. In fact, we had bible study at our house Friday night and he had invited some kids from the neighborhood to come and 3 of them did!!
Jeremiah still doesn't read very much and has NO interest. Have learned this is not uncommon, which makes me feel a bit better. He is fabulous in math likes to fix things. My chain came off my bike and I was going to ask Fred to fix it, but when I was out getting groceries Miah fixed it. He was so proud, and I was amazed!!

Kaitlynn is her normal sassy self. Here is a child that is wanting to read and learning quickly.  She loves listening to her books on CD at night. Ramona is her favorite right now.

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