Monday, June 30, 2008

Last day of June

Can it be?!?? The last day of June already? Where is my summer going? I need to get out there and enjoy this beautiful weather. We ( read:ME) picked vegetables out of our garden today. Enough lettuce to make a large salad, some radishes, 3 cherry tomatoes, and enough green beans for a meal! I was soooo excited to see those green beans. There is nothing like fresh green beans. Fred must have thought so too because as soon as he walked through the door after work, he was eating those beans raw!! The garden has been a family project. This is our first garden EVER. Fred and his mother planted everything when they were here in May. Then Fred, I and the kids all weed it and water it.

I got my first comments today. Hi Sister Cheryl!! Love you and miss you!!! It's too funny because she started her blog the same day I did, lol. Here is the link to hers

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