Monday, August 3, 2009

End of summer...

Is it really? already? Where has the time gone? I thought by this point I would be moved back home. Soon, I hope. We haven't done as much this summer as previous summers. What we have done is spend a lot of time in our yard, at home. Lots of baseball, water fights, afternoons on the slip and slide, climbing trees, riding bikes, reading, and going to the library. Lots of family time.

I am amazed, the kids here are going back to school August 13. Isn't that crazy? We never start back to school until after Labor Day. It seems so strange to see the kids go off to school when it's still so warm out. I am so thankful to homeschool. We had gotten a little behind on our schoolwork this past school year so we worked through most of the summer. Not a lot, but a little each day to get it done.Miah learned to ride his bike with no training wheels last week. He just got on Bubs bike and took right off. We got Abigail a new bike a few weeks ago, and the boys passed bikes down. Freddy took his Dad's, Bub took Freddys and Miah took Bubs. Worked out really well. They are all really nice bikes. Abigail had gotten her old one for her 5th birthday and just finally got a new one at 11. It was worn out and too small :) Anyway the have been riding like crazy.


MyKidsMom said...

The Summer certainly has flown by. We've been going the way of home entertainment as well; swimming, biking and such. And of course the local library.

I would HATE to go back to school in the middle of August!! Even so, I can't seem to get homeschooling off my mind. We've been doing just a tad bit of work, writing and penmanship.

Do you still live in Kansas? Where would you be moving to?

Cheryl Lynn Hirzel said...

Moving home? How soon??? How close??? Dare I ask if we can please help you move, again??? Let us know...looks like Mark will be off at least every other week for a while. Call me - still got our number? Love and hugs!

bigSIS said...

Praise the Lord, Missy! Glad you've had lots of family time this summer. Sounds like the kids had the 'perfect' summer. We are always too busy in my opinion. I'd like more days just bumming at home...bonfires, tent in the yard, ball games and cook-outs.
Riley still isn't riding a bike much. We finally got a small bike with training wheels but his legs are SO short. LOL The boys go back to school on the 9th. ALL FOUR OF THEM!!! I hope to get a part time job here pretty quick. I still work for BHK doing the respite and subbing but don't get many hours. I'm also teaching an art class for the Griffins, Colberts and McCoys. I'm pumped for that. Did I tell you??? Samuel got the Holy Ghost at WI Dist camp in July. Whoop! I went as a counselor and can't wait for next year. =D
Samuel had a seizure 2 weeks ago. He went to the neurologist and we found out that his EEG is abnormal. We have to watch him for more seizures. If he has another we'll probably bring him to Marshfield to see the ped neuro. But right now he just has a few restrictions. No baths, swimming or bunk beds. Video games don't affect him though. He's glad for that. =)
Mike is in the nursing program now and enjoying the practical stuff. He starts clinicals soon.
Love you lots.