Tuesday, February 17, 2009


When we left South Dakota we moved to Kansas. The prairie is beautiful. Kansas is beautiful. I wish I saw more of the prairie and less traffic, buildings, people, and houses. I was not meant to live in a highly populated area. Now the people in my "small" town would probably disagree with me saying highly populated, but to a woman that spent almost her entire adult life in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, this is too much. I long to walk outside and see no one. To have my children play outside without 20 kids in my backyard......I sometimes just want peace and quiet and privacy. Is that too much to ask? Apparently so.
The one thing I LOVE about Kansas is the thunderstorms. Lots of them and they are magnificent here. I can't imagine what those poor people in he covered wagons thought when they came to settle this land. Now, we love thunderstorms in this family. A few of my children are a bit concerned that we'll be in a tornado when it storms, but they aren't in a panic or anything, yet. There have been a few stormy nights that everyone has slept on mom and dads floor. :)
The weirdest thing is that we don't have a basement, I mean how can you live in tornado alley and not have a basement??!!


MyKidsMom said...

I'm the same as you, as far as liking peace, and quiet, and privacy. I can absolutely handle having a day where the only people I interact with are my family. Or to take a walk into the field and not bump into a single person. There are parts of Oregon that are like that, just farther out. I hope to be able to get a place like that one day.

On the other hand, one of my sons would absolutely love if we had other children living around us. He's the social one who seems to need that interaction that is sometimes hard to get while homeschooling. Sometimes it's hard to have that good balance.

bigSIS said...

Well, howdy, Missy! I'm so glad you posted cuz I'm fighting insomnia tonight (er, this morning) and it is a DELIGHT to find pics of the kids and your musings.

Katelynn looks SO different than Abby. That is for sure! I'm still trying to make up my mind who she looks like. I miss you all SO SO SO SO much!

I can't imagine living anywhere but out in the middle of nowhere anymore. I love it here. Sometimes it gets lonely but the peace and solitude when you need it is worth it all! Too bad that even in our small communities we still have to worry about major crimes (have you heard about the murder in Baraga?)

We were able to find an awesome deal on a Honda fourwheeler and the boys are really enjoying it. I have to admit, so am I! I can't wait for Mike to take the plow off it so I can really rev it up!!! It is the first fourwheeler I've been on and I'm hooked. Mike made a trail through the snow in the yard with some bumps and stuff and it's SO much fun. Riley is also lovin' it. Mike takes him for rides in the afternoon before the other boys get home and I think we're gonna have a fourwheelin' fiend on our hands this summer. Good thing I don't know where Mike puts the key.....gives me an excuse to tell the boys to wait for dad! ;)

I've been working a lot lately with BHK. I'm subbing and doing respite. The house is suffering for it. Majorly! I was planning to start school in the fall but now we think I will wait at least a year more. I'm just not sure about the scheduling with school and Mike's classes and all. I want to be home for the boys. So instead, I talked to my center supervisor yesterday and she encouraged me to apply for a teacher assistant position. I will have to take one child develoopment class through FU, Gogebic, Bay or Northern and then get a certification within 2 years but the hours are within the school day so I'd always be here for the kids. Please pray with me about this!?

Ok....I'm taking up way too much of your comment space. And I gotta try to sleep!

Luv, and ((HUGS)) to you all!

MyKidsMom said...

Just stopping by to say Hello. Since you don't have a new post up, I will have to comment about this post again;)

One of my complaints about this part of the country (other than the drenching rain of course) is the lack of basements. I have to admit that I thought basements were just a matter of course growing up. Out here it's almost an oddity to have one. Of course, the very expensive houses often have them, but regular people (like me:) don't.

Anyway, I hope everything is going well for your family. Are you still working for Walmart?