Friday, January 9, 2009


The best thing about living here is the library system. We can go to about 8 or so different libraries with the same card. We are ALL bookworms. I don't have as much time to read now that I'm working but, come break time, you'll find me in the break room with a book in hand ;) We decided to check out a new library yesterday. It's about 8-10 minutes from our house. Cute little library, used to be a bank. They have a nice kids area, lots of puzzles, games and fun stuff. Not to mention different books! The kids had a great time and there was a guy from the newspaper interviewing the librarian about the library. He took some pics of the kids....who knows they might end up in the paper. All for the love of reading.

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MyKidsMom said...

We love the library as well. When I was a teenager, my mom would drop me off there for several hours while she ran errands. When she would come back, more often than not, I would have totally forgot to check out any books because I got side-tracked by reading one,lol. It's one of the few federally funded places that I don't mind having my tax dollars go to (within reason).

You'll have to share those pics if they make it into the paper. I bet your kids would love that!:)